Wild Meadow, $17.00


Sparkling gold clear Semi-Dry cider featuring locally grown wild apples.

Wild Meadow is made with wild-foraged apples. It is a traditional style cider that is high in tannins and acidity. This cider won the 2018 GLINTCAP 1st Place Best in Class and Gold Medal awards.



Wild Meadow:

Sparkling gold clear Off-Dry cider featuring locally grown wild apples.

Wild Meadow is one of the most traditional ciders made at Big Fish Cider, Co. because we actually forage for wild apples in the fields and forest edges of Highland County. These are apples from trees that have grown up from seed, are higher in tannins and acidity, and typically have more depth and body that commercially grown apples.  The cider goes through a slow, cold fermentation, which also helps to retain those fruity esters and tannins. While fruity, it is not a sweet cider. You’ll find that it pairs well with pork dishes and cheese, particularly blue or sharp cheese.

It is a 2018 GLINTCAP Gold Medal and 1st Place Best in Class winner.

Because we rely on a crop of wild apples to make this cider, and most years we cannot harvest enough. We are grateful for the farmers that allow these trees to grow.