Shady Lane Shandy, $13.50


Sparkling gold clear Semi-Dry cider featuring locally grown Stayman, Mutsu, Jonagold, Pink Lady and Winesap apples.

Elevation is our newest cider, made to honor the elevation of Highland County, which influences all stages of cider production from the mountain-grown apples to our slow, cold fermentation process.



Shady Lane Shandy:

Sparkling cloudy semi-dry/medium cider featuring local apples and fresh pressed lemonade.
Shady Lane Shandy is a perfect summertime cider.  This cider, made with Jonagold and Stayman apples, is first dry hopped with Cascade Hops, then blended with fresh squeezed lemonade (seriously, we squeeze the lemons ourselves in the cider press).  Then we filter just enough to keep the seeds and pulp out of the bottle, leaving the natural cloudiness of the lemonade in the cider.  Drink it well chilled – the ultimate cider after a day in the sun.